Life changing donations

Real estate

Houses may be donated to Battle Buddies Corp in all 50 States and will be used strictly to provide a sober living environment with the fellowshipping of Jesus Christ. Donor may have the privilege to attach partial name to the parcel and/or retain partial ownership. Specified occupants may also be determined by the donor within reason, limited to the following: veterans, victims of domestic violence, disabled, rape victims, disaster victims, men or women released from prison

Cars and Trucks

Motor vehicles and equipment may be donated to Battle Buddies Corp EIN#82-3344915. Any donation shall be tax deductible under IRS code 501(c)(3). Donor may enclose notarized title and deliver and/or a representative of the company may come to the donor to complete the process.

Wire Transfers

May be made national as well as international. All donations received will be contributed towards the specific cause as requested by the donor. Receipt(s) will be tax deductible under IRS code 501(c)(3). Receipts shall be sent via email, postal mail, and facile if permissible by the donating party. Donor may be given a reference number and track the fund expenditures. All records will be open to public record on this website. Please reference your specific donor number to monitor progress.

Natural Disasters

Contributions shall be strictly used for disaster relief efforts and prohibited from other efforts unless instructed by the donor. Reference number #20185150

Home Depot

Gift cards and/or credits may be submitted and credited to Battle Buddies Corp. Donations shall be strictly used for disaster relief, housing renovations, and maintenance to assist the public and insure the health and welfare thereof. Please download Home Depot account information and click the link below.

Certified Checks

May be purchased at the bank of your choosing and be submitted to the link below. Your 501(c)(3) tax deductible donation receipt shall be mailed to you within 7 days