Becoming A Volunteer


Join us in being #SoldiersforChrist and tell someone about Jesus. God calling on you to get into Ministry? Join Battle Buddies on our next mission.

Feeding the poor

Battle Buddies does more than tell people about Christ. Join us in operation #Feedingthepoor. If you have never experienced feeding the poor, you don't want to miss out.


Do you want to support one of our causes but don't have the means. As a Non-Profit funding can be challenging. Join the team and help us raise support.

Housing renovations

We need your help. Providing housing to Veterans and victims of domestic violence can be very costly. Labor being the greatest expense. Be apart of the #SoldiersforChrist movement.

Substance abuse

Have you ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol and now you live in sobriety. Join our team and help make a difference in someones life. This could be one of your purposes in life, sign up today.

Disaster relief

It is true that Battle Buddies Corp has never participated in disaster relief. However that is going to change. Sign up below and get your position in helping Louisiana & Texas in Natural Disasters.

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